The NPCDC facilitates positive change in the physical, economic, and social assets of the area and has continued to focus on an initiative to improve the education of our youth and build the capacity to make this community not only viable place to live, but a desirable one. Through its affiliation with the over 150 year old Kaighn Avenue Baptist Church (KABC), NPCDC’s scope and outreach process (which includes but is not limited to a quarterly newsletter and website) extends throughout the Gateway neighborhood, the City of Camden, and the region as a whole.

The name for the “Nehemiah Project” comes from the book of Nehemiah, which depicts the determination of Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the how its completion brought about a reaffirmation of faith. While the story of Nehemiah took place well over 3,000 years ago, circumstances have not changed for people who live under the scourge of modern day blight. With this understanding, the NPCDC ‘s central focus is to pursue the difficult task of rebuilding the walls of the surrounding community.