Career Day 2015


NPCDC and Kaighn Avenue Partnered to bring Career Day to one of the lowest performing schools in Camden, East Camden Middle. NPCDC invited many of the people in the Philadelphia Metropolitan (Delaware Valley) to come back and share their career choices with the children in the school to inspire them to pursue various careers. Over 70 people responded to the invitation to come and talk to the children. There was a very vast and divergent array of careers represented that day. The careers presented to the children were chemist, doctors, comptrollers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers graphic designers, fashion designers, pharmacist auto mechanics, CPAs, economist, physical, A COO of health system, physical therapists, nurses – (male and female) entrepreneurs, writers, to college professors. The children were engaged and inspired by such a large response from the community. (particularly seeing so many African Americans so accomplished, outside of entertainment and sports).